The Maternity Friendly Sack Dress

I bought this Marcy Tilton pattern long before becoming pregnant. This pattern is definitely out of my style comfort zone, but it looked so hip yet comfy on the model! I decided to step out of my box and bought it. I loved view C with the mixed prints but put it on the “to do later” list, as I had many other (retro style) patterns that were ahead in my sewing line.

The pattern stayed in the queue for about a year and a half. I planned to make it some time this year. Then, you know, pregnancy happened and I had to overhaul this year’s sewing plans. This moved up on the to do list because I was sure it could accommodate the larger by the second belly I have going on here. Plus the light airy design looked perfect for summer.

When I went to buy fabric for it, I couldn’t really find what I wanted. I loved the example on the envelope with the different striped prints in matching colors, but there was nothing like that at Joann’s. Actually their knit selection is quite sparse, unless I’m missing something! But anyway, after hours in the store with a 3 year old losing his patience at being a good boy, I came home with a crazy rainbow leopard print and two solids to go with. When I showed the hubbie he said from now on he needed to pick out the fabrics for me. Gee whiz!

Like the rest of my projects thus far this year, I cut the pattern and put it in the “cut and ready to sew” pile. After sewing up the maternity pattern twice, it was time to sew the Marcy Tilton. The actual sewing up was pretty easy… Except the center leopard piece and the two sides that we’re supposed to meet were uneven. I sewed it up twice to an asymmetrical disaster, then just made the center higher than the sides. The pattern illustration did not show or explain this so either my cutting was way off or they were not very clear!

I read many a review on this dress before tackling it myself, and found that many complained of the sack factor. I figured a sack would work great for maternity so I plowed through. When I finally got the hem right(ish) and put it on I loved it! It’s so comfortable and I think looks really fun. I may even sew this again after the pregnancy (in a smaller size) if I find the right fabric for it…

Close up of the gathering on the chest.

And side view of belly, with the boy.

Big ol’ pockets and showing off the roominess.

Looking a little more sack like here but wearing it in my favorite place: Lake Tahoe!!



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