Maternity Wear

One of my sewing goals for 2017 was to not buy any more patterns because I have so many that I haven’t sewn up yet! Well, when I found out I was pregnant in February I just HAD to buy at least 1 maternity pattern riiiiight??? 

I have a few patterns that can be adjusted for my now ginormous bump, but most of my pattern stash will be ignored until I’m holding my new baby in my arms, not in my belly. So I went on a search for maternity patterns, and found B6226 from Butterick that I thought would be great for summer. I liked all of the options especially for the summer season, and seriously considered making three of the views. Until this point I’ve never sewed the same pattern twice! As my regular clothes and I are more and more taking a break, the more belly friendly outfits the better! 

I decided on two looks, view C and view E. I went and got a bright flower print jersey for the maxi dress and a Navy and white synthetic knit for the jumpsuit. I cut the common pieces together, which ended up being a mistake because then I didn’t have enough length for the pants of the jumpsuit. I ended up Jimmy rigging the back (did not take a photo of the hack job) so that I ended up having enough. Or so I thought! The pants length is a little short for my liking but they are wearable! I figure after the baby the legs will become magically the right length (with a cinched waist hopefully too).

Then there was the zipper. With “baby brain” in full force, I thought, “why do I need the zipper, it’s stretchy and the dresses don’t need zippers!” So I sewed the back all the way up and tried to put it on and umm… I couldn’t. And because it’s pants, I couldn’t pull it over, so my friend the seam ripper came into play, and the zipper went in. Overall I like the outcome even though it’s a little sloppy. Hey! First time I sewed pants or a jumpsuit so I say success!

I decided to have a mini photoshoot at the gazebo on the Vino Bello’s vinyard in Napa. Couldn’t enjoy the wine but could enjoy the scenery!

View E, the maxi, was much more manageable for me. Of course the skirt was easier to construct than the pants. Plus it is a pullover with no zipper. PLUS the fabric was a lot easier to work with! So anyhow, the dress was simpler but I think I like it even more than the jumpsuit.

These photos were taken on the historic Niles railroad with my son and mom.

There you have it! I may make another view at some point but there are no definite plans for it. 

Next up I have two items cut and ready to go, niether are maternity but should work. I also bought a 1950s maternity trapese top and skirt pattern that I hope to have done and wear in September so I am looking forward to that!


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