Slow Going Sewing

Well I checked and my last post was in early February, and I didn’t even press the publish button on it! Oopsies. At that point I wasn’t feeling super inspired.

Shortly thereafter I found out I was pregnant and of course my sewing plans changed after that because I definitely did not want to sew things that wouldn’t fit me! And seeing that I started showing as soon as I found out I had to make immediate adjustments.

For example both of these garments we’re started but I had to put them aside, something that I have never done before! I am normally a very much one project at a time start to finish kind of gal, but this year that’s changed!

Since I’ve stashed these away, I’ve cut a bunch of other patterns that I think I can adjust for pregnancy waiting in a pile in my sewing corner. So not my regular way of working! I may post those as I finish them…

Now for the finished pieces! I’ve only completed 3 this year, but there’s​ still half the year to go and I am no longer pressuring myself to aim high.

My first was the easy knit pencil skirt from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. It was a great thing to start with because it was indeed pretty easy, and it’s stretchy so I can still confortably wear it with the big baby belly now!

The second make was also a skirt, finished just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day. I had plans to use this pattern with a different fabric but I didn’t have enough so I used instead Simplicity 8176 dirndl skirt. Instead of a zipper with waist band I put in an elastic waist, and yes this also still fits me now!

My final make so far was from a butterick maternity pattern, thinking I would need a few cool and roomy things to wear for summer. Love the fabric on this one and have gotten many compliments when wearing it! I am planning on making at least one other view from this pattern (already cut), maybe more before summer’s end.

Well that’s it for now, hopefully now that it’s summer I will have time to go through at least my already cut patterns and sew them up!


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