Down and Out

Well, I am already behind on my sewing goals for the year. Wanted to have at least one dress done by the end of January and here we are on February 4, and my first project is all folded up in a bag, not one stitch sewn. 

There is nothing more I want than a new made by me dress… But then again, I don’t want to be stressed over making it and that is where I think I am at right now. There are a few too many techniques I am not comfortable with on this first planned project and I am not the type of sewist that redoes things when they don’t come out perfectly. I am a novice, mediocre at best, and there are some time consuming things that lovely, serious sewists do that I honestly can’t be bothered with. I’m not planning on selling the items I make or becoming a professional in any sort of way. I need not be stressed by this hobby.

I also need to not be stressed about my goals, realize that they were never set in stone, and just sew when I am feeling good about it again. That’s great to say, yet that bag of cut and folded fabric still looms over my head!

How did this blog become so focused on sewing anyway? I enjoy following several sewing blogs but my finished frocks are not expertly made. That’s okay. I like what I make, but who else really wants to see my sub par stuff?

This blog was originally meant to promote my etsy shop, that mainly focuses on hair accessories, but also has some original art. I’ve also started a second shop that is all tie dye. I do many creative things. You could say I’m a Jocie of all trades, master of none.

So, new plan: sew when I feel like it. Make lots of things. Blog about whatever I make.

Sounds good.

For example, today I made heart cookies with my son! I’m not usually a sugar cookie decorating kinda gal but my son glimpsed them in the latest Martha Stewart Living and asked if we could make them “sometime.” How could I say no to that. I think they came out great, had a lot of fun with my little sous chef (although he wants to eat all of them right now!!!), and felt that it was time very well spent. You can get the recipe here.

Cheers to creating and not stressing so much about it!


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