Planning for Halloween- ALREADY!

  1. There was a mention two Novembers ago of being the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus with a couple of friends. This Halloween came and passed, without follow through. I brought it up to the gals again and they seemed to be for it for next Halloween! Well, regardless of whether my friends will actually put together get ups for their witchy Sanderson counterparts, I am definitely planning on it! 

So my obsession begins. On the way to work I started thinking about Sarah Jessica Parker’s costume in the film… And the McCall’s pattern I have  that I was planning on using for this.

I know, I know. This look is based on the wicked queen from Once Upon a Time, and looks nothing like a Sanderson! I thought I could maybe make some adaptations to make it work but they are really different! Eek.

Years ago when I was a new sewist, I made a milk maid costume for Halloween from this Butterick Making History Pattern:

What first made me think of this pattern was the apron and skirt combo that looked a lot like Sarah’s. Then on further inspection I looked at the vest compared to Sarah’s corset! Now that is doable!!

Hopefully I can find this pattern in my closet so that I won’t have to purchase an additional pattern for this costume (which would ruin part of my 2017 sewing goals of NOT buying any more patterns this year😥). At the very least I can pull out my old costume and use that as my pattern.

Halloween plans solved and ready to go! Of course I will have to get fabric, but that’s getting ahead of myself, haha. So now to all those other non costume garments I want to get finished before I begin my Halloween pieces!


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