Sewing Plans 2017

I suppose it is that time to plan my sewing year! My goals for this year are not as themed as last year, but I have a lot, more than last year that I am looking at doing! Eek!
The thing is I have so many patterns! They are so fun to buy on those sale days! So first 2017 goal: don’t buy anymore patterns. It is going to be very challenging but there is really no reason to buy more when I already have so much to work with. The planned list I am going to share is much less than half of my pattern stash. And to me who still considers herself a beginning sewist, it’s a loooooonnnnnnng list! I am not sure if I will truly be making them all, and I may add a few others in for gifting or for myself as occasions arise. It will not be static by any means.
My goal this year is to revamp my closet. It’s not overly retro, vintage, or reproduction s this year, but classic items I can wear daily (mostly), with a few presents here and there too.
Proposed plans for 2017:

(If I already have fabric for the pattern it is pictured next to it)

First make of the year

Make by Valentine’s day for Josh

make for Valentine’s day

Make separates throughout the year

Take class and Make in March. (Need fabric- green?)

make for Easter

Make two for the girls by Bella’s bday

Make for open house

Make for summer

Make for summer

For Poppy- make in summer (check available fabric)

One of these tops in this fabric, and another plain make during summer

Make for Lynette by her bday (need fabric)

make in August to wear on first day of school

Take class and possibly make for btsn (need fabric)

Make at least one long sleeve for Ms Frizzle costume for Halloween at school (need a novelty print)

Adapt for a Sanderson costume (look for fabric at thrift store) for tea and Halloween

Make for Thanksgiving (fabric needed)

Holiday jumper. (Green or red… or plaid)
This list is for me to get my thoughts organized and remember what my goals were at this time to reference. If anyone is interested in the patterns I plan on using this year I would be more than happy to give you the information in the comments.
Now all I need to figure out is when to get started!!

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