Sew Retro Sewing Challenge #7: 1930s Capelet Dress

My seventh installment of my Sew Retro Sewing Challenge was completed in time to wear at Thanksgiving. It came out beautifully, mostly because of the beautiful print I found and purchased in the quilting section of Joann’s. If the fabric’s good, the dress will be good!

This dress fulfills the 1930s decade of my challenge. It was technically a pattern from 1986, but was a simplicity 60th anniversary pattern based on an original pattern from the thirties. So 1930s it is!!

I did have some construction issues, but it was me not fully focusing on what I was doing. For instance, sewing the yoke to the cape upside down. Ugh!

The waist was a little off too because of resizing issues and not putting in the elastic correctly. Making a belt for it greatly helped that situation. Anyhow I am pleased with how it turned out overall.

 I styled my hair with big 30s style curly waves, but didn’t put on the right shoes since thanksgiving this year was at my parents and shoes are not allowed inside so I just wore flip flops, then slippers indoors. Hence the barefoot photographs. Enjoy!

I had to leave at least one picture uncropped with the “no poop” sign on the lawn. So classy!

And here is where my husband starts to make me laugh… I actually like how they came out!

No poop!

So now I have three more to complete my very lofty challenge: 1910s, 1970s, and 1990s. I want to do a 1910s dress to wear for Christmas, and I have fabric for the 1970s pattern I have, but realistically I may not be getting to the 1990s pattern. I just couldn’t find the  fabric for it. I have about a month to go. We shall see!

This will also be entered into the #vintagepledge 


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