Sew Retro Sewing Challenge #5 and #6- Edwardian Teacher

I have been busy! Work has been crazy! Finding time and motivation to sew has been very challenging! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

Anyhow, I have been sewing, slowly but surely. There was a patchwork skirt I made for my niece in which she picked out both the patterns and the fabric for…. but I have yet to see her wear it. This a a common pattern with my nieces. But I still keep making them stuff! This skirt was hard to get through, and made me realize I needed to take a bit of a sewing break.

I think I like making clothes for myself the most because I know I will use them….. anyhow, I also made a 1950s Cinderella dress for my best friend which she will be premiering this Sunday! Perhaps a post about it will follow….

So onto my sew Retro challenges! This year I set myself the ridiculous task of making a garment from every decade of the twentieth century. So far I have let go of the 90s… but want to still finish out the rest.

This outfit is a 2for. I was going to be an old fashioned school mark for Halloween. I decided after much research to get a 1980s pattern for a prairie revival blouse and reproduction 1900s skirt.

Long story short I had difficulties with both pieces. Sizing was way off. I ended up pinning it together with a “it’s just a costume” attitude. It was a learning experience. Lesson learned. I’ll stick with the big 4.

So here I am as a 1900s schoolmarm with a 1900s skirt and a 1980s blouse:img_6424



A 1900s schoolmarm with Iron Man. Totes natural.

Super old timey!

And these two pieces I am also entering into the Vintage Pledge


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