Sew Retro Sewing Challenge #3- 1940s Gingham 

I finally completed the 1940s gingham dress! Originally meant to be worn at my son’s birthday on May 7th… I decided to put this project away until my life calmed down a bit. 

And three days into my summer vacation I finished it. This was a several day project that included resizing the pattern. That alone took a whole day’s work. 

So let me talk a bit about the pattern. It is Simplicity “Retro” 8629. If you look it up you will most likely be able to find it on etsy or eBay. Anyhow I bought this in 1998 when I was still in high school. Before I knew how to sew. Anything. And I held onto this pattern for almost 20 years (yikes!) too nervous to even look at it. It is a true #vintagepledge pattern!! I’ve sewn quite a bit over the past 2-3 years and have become more confident and thought this would be the perfect pattern to conquer for my 1940’s dress for my Sew Retro Sewing Challenge, where I plan to make an outfit from every decade of the twentieth century in 2016.

This pattern I do not think is a reproduction pattern, but more inspired by 1940s style. Here is the pattern drawing side by side with a few from the 1940s that I thought looked reminiscent, but not exact, of each other.  

As for the fabric, it was free! It was in my mom’s stash for who knows what purpose, and I thought gingham would be perfect for my son’s cowboy themed birthday. So I did some more research via Google and found this beauty, even in the same colors!!!  

 So I knew the fabric was an appropriate choice for the 40s dress. I’m pretty proud of the results on this one! My sewing skills are definitely improving and although nowhere near perfection, I really love how it turned out! 


some trouble with the zipper

I used my “new to me” Kenmore sewing machine, and besides the needle breaking, and while I was trying to replace it, dropping the needle screw inside the depths of the machine and having my husband unscrew the bottom to find it, it went pretty smoothly. Haha.  

I finished it this morning and wore it to a child’s birthday party where there were plenty of great photo ops but I was to bashful to ask anyone to take pictures of me there, so unfortunately all I have are grainy selfies. 

Maybe my next project’s photos will be delightfully professional. Ah well, here they are! 

Wrinkled and all!
  I used the smaller gingham for the bodice, basically because I didn’t have enough yardage of one, but I think it looks cool!

I had a bunch of the smaller print leftover so I was able to make a skirt and headband for the birthday girl with it! 

So project #3 for my 2016 sewing challenges complete and successful! I can’t wait to start my next one- the 1920s one hour dress!!



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