New Additions in Hair Accessories

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my hair accessories- the whole purpose of this blog was to get my “product” “out there” so I could sell more. That didn’t really pan out but I do from time to time make a new hair piece, usually for a specific occasion for myself. Then I will eventually put them on My Etsy Shop to sell. 

Anyhow, here are some of my latest from The Prohibition Bands line and The Tea Party Collection, the two hair accessory lines I’ve created and truly love the most.

   This was made for my niece for last Halloween. She lost it immediately. 😩
     The Lena Prohibition Band named after Lena Lamont from Singing in the Rain- still available on etsy. (Click photo to link)
 Clara gets Married- sold a few months back

Clara gets Married Prohibition Band Flapper Headband

 Now for the Tea Party Collection!  This was made for my friend’s birthday at a Tea house.
  This was commissioned by a Maid of Honor to wear after a wedding. One of my favorites!

 Loved this poofy hat! This one has sold too.


My newest of the Tea Party Collection. Available on Etsy  

See anything you like? I’m planning on producing more of these lines come summer. Message me with any inquiries!


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