Organizing the Craft Closet

Since I was not completely in the mood to sew today, and too nervous to pull out my “new to me” sewing machine for the first time, I decided instead to organize the shelf in my closet meant for patterns and fabrics.

This helped me in two ways- the first: my craft closet is in desperate need of a good spring cleaning! There are several more shelves that need to be organized and cleaned out, but this is a good start! The second: seeing what fabric I had and what could actually be used with the patterns I already own. Keeping with my Sewing plans for 2016, I have a lot to work with! There are three patterns I still don’t have fabric for that I am planning on making this year, and two patterns I just purchased from Vogue (yay for Memorial Day weekend sales!!), one for 2016 one for I don’t know when, that I do not have fabric for. Anyhow, it’s helped me wrap my head around what I have to move forward, and what I still need to finish out my plans for this year.

These are what I plan to make for the rest of the year:

  1920s “one hour dress” for the Gatsby Tea Party in July

 1970s jumpsuit to wear to my bestie’s murder mystery party in September (wanted it to be more gangster aka pinstripes, but fell in love with this red tag fabric yesterday so I will make it work!!)

  This is a 1980s repro of a 1930s design that I am making in time for Thanksgiving. I also fell in love with the purple yellow and gray floral and had to get it for this project!

 These two will be made for my nieces for Christmas. The fabric is a sheet set I bought at a thrift store, and thought it would suit these two patterns well.

Here are the bunches not planned for 2016, but at least I have fabric for them, so they’re either ready to go for next year, or if I can squeeze some of them in this year:    Oh the Patterns by Gertie!!! Just love them! I am hoping to get more very soon! The shimmery fabric I have had for a while, it was given to me by my husband’s cousin. The reverse side is a bright turquoise that will work perfectly for the back contrast part. This will definitely be in the works for early 2017!

  I think this is a shower curtain but I love the print! The skirt pattern I have had since before I could sew and I think I got the peasant blouse from a thrift store, also before I could sew. I think I have enough yardage to Make a whole crazy speckled ensemble!

I better squeeze one of these vests in now that I think of it. I promised my hubbie years ago I would make him some vests once I go more comfortable sewing. He picked out the patterns and the fabrics and they’ve been sitting in my closet ever since. I sew a lot now so I better get to at least one of these bad boys soon!

    I’ve made a dress for myself and a skirt for my bestie out of this sheet fabric and I still have tons more! I think this style skirt will go great with this print.
  This fabric my mom bought while I was in high school to make a dress for me but then never got around to doing it. I thought either the long or short sleeved option would work well.

  I acquired this fabric and this pattern from people who were giving them away. Might as well make harem pants out of them!

 I don’t have much of this fabric (also from my mom) but I think I have enough to make a very loud tunic sans pants.

  I have a little over a yard of each of these fabrics and I’m hoping I can make some girls circle skirts to sell or for my nieces, or a pencil skirt for myself out of one or all.
  This combo I am not so sure about. I am no master and don’t think I will be be able to work the chiffon like it’s meant to be for this dress, but I have a Laura Ashley pattern that may just be perfect for this lavender and purple combo. As for this 1940s repro pattern- a thrifted sheet yet to be purchased may be just what I need.

 And finally, I have had this pattern for years. I believe before I could sew I bought this! What would make this Barbie cocktail dress shine? Barbie organza of course (formally bedroom curtains).

So there you have it! Do you have plans for all your fabrics and patterns or do you just get them to maybe do them sometime in the future? As you can see I do both!


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