Quick Post on Sewing Plans

So I just compiled a to do list for my sewing for the rest of 2016. I gave myself a big task in my Sew Retro Sewing Challenge and this school year has also been challenging with all the extra “stuff” we teachers have had to do this year. Anyhow, 2016 has turned out to be a bit too exhausting to sew every weekend like I had dreamed. Plus, the more I sew the more complicated the projects get and this means the longer I will take to finish it. Ugh. 

But there is hope!! Summer is now 15 days away! And instead of dwelling on all the things I need to get in order before school ends I wrote a sewing to do list for the rest of the year! 

So here’s the plan:

This seams achievable! (Hehehe) with even a few outside of my challenge that I hope to get done too. Wish me luck!
Update 7/1: just updated my sewing to do list, and also finished the 1940s gingham dress! And of course, I had to add a few things and change the order of others. I still need to get fabric for a few of these items too but going thrifting today so hopefully I will find what I need.



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