Sew Retro Sewing Challenge Dress 2- 1963 Bow Dress

Dress #2 came around as a surprise- as in it was not on my planned list for the challenge. For the 1960s I was going to do a houndstooth pencil dress from a pattern form the early 2000’s that looked like a It could’ve been from the 60’s. 

Anyhow the plan changed when I was at Joann’s by myself one day (😀) right after payday (😜) and I found this amazing fabric on the red tag table: 

A rich orange, polka dots, and glitter???? Oh hell yes! I had to get it!!

I was really there to get supplies to decorate my best friends baby shower. The colors for it were bright pinks and oranges so when I saw this fabric I immediately thought I have to make a dress in this fabric to wear to the shower!!! I could have used one of the patterns I already had … But not when McCalls was having one of their $1.99 sales!! So I got two patterns from their Archive Collection and a more modern dress pattern.  

I went with M7086 because I thought this dress in the sparkly vibrant polka dots would be amazing! (Turned out I was right!) Here’s the original illustration:   

  I had a two week deadline, plus all the decorations to make, plus nine dozen cookies to make for favors, plus you know, my job and all. So I put aside a weekend to make the dress. I took about 4 hours for me to cut out the pattern. Ugh. Then I was all sore. Double ugh. Time to get an exercise regime going again! Anyhow I put it aside and decided to put it together the following day.


My machine broke. I don’t want to go into the details, but let’s just say I took apart the machine almost completely, twisted some parts tight and loose, put it back together, and it was still broken. It was a rough day.

The next week I went to my mom’s house and used her brand spankin’ new Singer Futura. I loved it. Ahh new machines! I’m going to get me one one day. I threatened her that if she didn’t start using it I would take it home with me!

The results: not perfect but I still love how it came out! I think the fabric helps to hide all the wonky parts.

I decided to do my hair in a 1960s bouffant and put in a simple lace flower. Of course I accessorize do with pearls. I got many compliments at the shower. I am very satisfied with the results!

 Waist bow details.

Photos from the shower: 

 Annnnd so an “impromptu” 1960s dress is ✔️ed off the list! And also goes along with the #vintagepledge 

Next up will be the 1940’s style dress I’m planning to wear for my son’s birthday. Unless another unplanned project comes up, heh heh heh.


2 thoughts on “Sew Retro Sewing Challenge Dress 2- 1963 Bow Dress

  1. Just found your postings and I’m very impressed with your dresses, you’ve done beyond brilliantly for a beginner. I’ve been sewing 50 yrs (eeeeek) and I’d be proud to wear your makings. Great baby shower pics too.


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