Sew Retro Sewing Challenge- Project 1: 1950 Reproduction Dress

Finally! I finished the first project of my Sew Retro Sewing Challenge and it’s almost April! Yeesh, I’ve got to get a move on!

Anyhow I started with the 1950s because I have been tending towards those styles of late and I already had a handful of reproduction patterns to work with from that decade.  I used Butterick 6055, a reproduction pattern from 1950. It caught my eye because of the full skirt and unusual pockets.  

 I read up on reviews of this pattern and many a lovely seamstress deemed it quite simple and sewed it in one day (or something like that). Well, not me! I ran into a bunch of snags and it took me several days to complete! I have mentioned before I am a beginner at best… Simple for most will be a challenge for me!

  My best friend and worst enemy: the seam ripper!
For the fabric I used sheets I got a while back at the thrift store. They worked okay but I think the dress would have looked nicer in something a bit more sturdy. And once I put it all together the color reminded me of a hospital gown. 

The final hiccup was when I was resizing the bodice (the final step) and my sewing machine needle broke in half!!! 😩 This happened with the last top I sewed too. Does my machine need to be realigned or something? I may need to use my mom’s uber new and fancy one for the next project…

Anyhow with the machine on the fritz and no extra needles to be had, I hand stitched the the last dart and the little piece of bodice back to the skirt. Whew!

Overall I am pleased with the final results, even with all the flaws and my subpar stitching. The dress shape shortens me a bit which I am not used to. Okay enough complaining! Here is the final look: 


I accessorized with a sparkly belt (I decided not to sew the one from the pattern) floral flats that matched perfectly and a headband/fascinator made by me to go with the dress! It was Easter so I of course had to make an Easter hat for the occasion! 

Up next in my Sew Retro Sewing Challenge- 1940s gingham that will need to be made by May because I plan on wearing it to my son’s Cowboy birthday party.

*update: I’ve found the #vintagepledge which is exactly what I had been looking for! So this is my first project done for it…



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