My 3 Month Reset Plan: The First 30 Days

I have done the whole 30 two times before, and to start off my year I wanted to try something’s my a little different to reset my way of thinking about eating. To improve my blood sugars long term ( I am a type one diabetic). To feel better about myself, and yes also to shed a few pounds!

I decided to basically follow The Whole 30 Rules with some additions and some exceptions.

First off, I wanted to get my diabetes in check. Easier said than done! Within the first month my sugars have been all over the place! It’s been pretty frustrating. There was a day when I walked over 7 miles and my sugars tested in the 260s arrrrgh! I know the more I stay on this plan my blood sugars will normalize, but it has been an arduous journey.

I actually haven’t been logging my blood the past two weeks or so because I’ve been so frustrated. But after Presidents’ Day weekend I am going to go full throttle again!

Anyhow- here are my exceptions to whole30 rules:

  • Yogurt is okay for breakfast (as long as it is all natural- no sugars or chemical additives)
  • Organic half n half in my coffee!
  • Allowed 3 cheat days a month

Here are the additional rules:

  • Soup or salad with lunch and dinner
  • Test and log sugars at least 4x a day
  • Exercise 5x a week for 30 minutes
  • Count carbs and give insulin on sliding scale according to carb intake

The food prep and eating are the easy parts to this. Most of the time I do not crave sweets and have been enjoying the bounty of veggies I’ve been eating. The soup and salad idea has been working really well. It helps that I LOVE soup!

However, I have already not done many of my additions consistently the first 30 days. Ugh. It is quite difficult to be perfect. I just don’t want to go off the plan so much that it will be extremely difficult to get back on. After Presidents’ Day weekend I will definitely get back on point. 

Annnnd I may change my exercise to 2 hours a week to restart. Either spelt was out or all together. I think that will be better for me. Also I will use two different apps to track carbs for food, and for diabetic stuff. 

Here’s to a restart of my restart!

Below are some pictorial summaries of the first 30 days of my reset plan:













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