Sew Retro Sewing Challenge- Matching Fabrics to Patterns

I am almost ready to start my first piece of my sewing challenge! Last week I went to a thrift store with a huge fabric/linens/ bedding section and scored a bunch of usable fabrics! Some are sheets, one is a curtain. And one is actual fabric! I shop for fabric this way to save bunches of money- this amount of fabric could’ve been easily $70 at a fabric store. My total at the thrift store was $12!!! 

Now to plan… Which fabric goes with which potential dress? Well for now here’s what I decided:  

 For my 50’s look I decided to go with cotton checked sheets in Aqua/turquoise.

   My forties swing dress (option A) I am going to make from this bright floral cotton sheet. I am rationing using sheet fabric right???
   For the thirties look (this is actually a pattern from 1988 that Simplicity did for their anniversary- a very 30’s style and so much more affordable!) yardage permitting I would love to do in this speckled curtain! Not sure if I have enough though…
 For my 20’s dress I will be using the 1 hour dress pattern and embellishing with sashes and a handkerchief hem shown here in “Illustrated Home Sewing” Magazine from 1928. I found this lovely satin like flowy yellow floral fabric that I think will work perfectly for what I am envisioning.

I still have a few more patterns that I need to get fabric for, but I have a lot to work with at the moment!!


The patterns I will be working with for the 80s, 70s, and 60s respectively. No fabrics for them yet!

I also need to get patterns and fabrics for the 1900’s and 1910’s. Many ideas are a brewing! I just need to find affordable patterns for each that I also can live with!!

I may start sewing the fifties dress tomorrow. Depends on how my day goes.






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