Sewing Project #1 Very Easy Vogue 8905

Last weekend I made my first sewing project of 2016! It was a Very Easy Vogue pattern 8905.  

 I went for option B because I liked the look of it the best. 

I am by no means an expert seamstress! At most I would consider myself slightly beyond beginner. Anyhow even though it was “very easy” I found the directions to be I bit vague. The pattern itself was easy enough though! 

In the end I made it my own. I had to change the neck to a cowel because the v neck came out pretty funky initially. But all in all I like it!

I had a reason for choosing this particular pattern and this particular fabric:

  Almost done but with the funky v neck.
By day I am a third grade teacher and the elementary school in which I work had a crazy hair day theme today. I decided to put my hair into Maleficent horns… And of course I couldn’t just leave it at my hair! I needed a cape like blouse in Maleficent colors to go with!!! Here are some of the final looks:


 Taadaah! My kids loved it.


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