Sew Retro Sewing Challenge

I’ve been searching the web for a sewing challenge for 2016, but haven’t really found anything that fits my personal wants and needs. Some of them are contests, some you have to be part of a club, some are too specific, and some seem to be out of my skills set. So I decided to make my own personal sewing challenge for 2016!

I am all about retro styles and fashion so I thought my challenge should be retro/vintage based. Thanks to all the major pattern companies for having reproductions of their vintage patterns!

Anyhow, here’s my challenge: create at least 9 looks from the 20th century! I probably will not be doing these challenges in chronological order, and have other projects in between, but for now this is what it will look like:

1. 1900’s

2. 1910’s

3. 1920’s (very excited for this one! Already envisioning what my frock will look like!)

4. 1930’s … You’re getting the idea now…

5. 1940’s

6. 1950’s (will probably make more than one 50’s inspired look if I’m on a roll!)

7. 1960’s

8.  1970’s (I actually have a lot of original patterns from the 70’s but I’d have to resize them)

9. 1980’s (I’ve always, and don’t ask me why, wanted to make/have a 1980’s business suit! Hmm)

There you have it! Like I said it probably won’t happen in this order but I am very excited to see what will come of this self sewing challenge!

UPDATE: this is my pledge for the #vintagepledge … I found that after I had already pledged this on my own!



6 thoughts on “Sew Retro Sewing Challenge

  1. That’s a beautiful pattern. I love the reproductions of vintage patterns that many pattern companies are putting out – I’ve purchased a couple and can’t wait to try them. Great challenge – I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome.


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