Seasonal Tea Parties: Tacky Trashy Tea

I do love a good tea party. I also love hosting them. Making all the little bite sized delacacies and decorations that go with a chosen theme.  We like to do one tea party per season, time and funds and health willing. My friend and I have hosted three now. The next one will be coming up in December. Here are some photos from the ones we have done so far.

This first one was a Tacky Trashy tea. We dressed the part and served what we thought were trashy party snacks that we elevated to a tea party level. (Except for the twinkies, we wanted to make them from scratch but they literally did not pan out so we served store bought. Tacky!) Many things went a rye in the preparation, like Mac and cheese balls falling on the floor, the whipping cream being compromised and not fluffing up at all etc etc etc. when the next thing went wrong we would just say “it’s okay, it’s the tacky trashy tea!” And run with it. All and all it was a success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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