Now that my baby is a little older, and I have most of the summer off, I really want to get sewing again. I am by no means a seamstress, my clothing all comes out a little rough, but I was improving with each piece. Work and baby have put my sewing to a halt though (besides my Halloween costume… See the Road to Effie series on my home page). Before I knew I was pregnant two summers ago (eek! Has it been that long??) I had two patterns and fabrics ready to go. One was Simplicity New Look Pattern 6723, a 50’s/60’s cocktail style dress. I was going to use an iridescent lavender satin on it. New Look 6723The other I had planned on doing was a jersey knit casual dress with pockets using a navy and dark red jersey fabric. I went looking for these “ready to go” items and all I could find was the satin fabric. Both patterns are missing as well as the jersey knit. Noooooooo! I could technically get the new look pattern again, I’ve seen it several times online, but it’s the principle of the matter. I must find it!! The true bummer is that I wanted to make the jersey dress to wear on the Fourth of July.

Apparently I already cut it! Here's the proof!

Apparently I already cut it! Here’s the proof!

The clock’s a tickin’ and times a runnin’ out! Dare I tear apart the closet? Don’t know if I want to do that this week, but I may need to to put my mind at rest.

Here are some things I have sewn in the past, yes, many are costumes!


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