The Road to Effie Part 5: Hair, Makeup, Final Looks

Me as Effie Trinket

I am really all about the hair. Makeup, I can figure a few things out but I am by no means an expert. I just slap some colors on my face and hope for the best. That is basically what I did for my Effie makeup, and surprise surprise, I wish it had turned out better. Bolder. Brighter. Anyhow I will describe what I did in case anyone wants to know how to do a subtle Capitol makeup. For the face I put on my lightest powder, Avon Smooth Minerals Soft Ivory, in a nice thick layer, then I covered that with white eyeshadow. I wish I would of done more because I don’t believe my face was pale enough. I then put on my peach shaded blush up to the ears, and over that a lavender eyeshadow. Yes many eyeshadows that didn’t go on my eyes. My eye lids were done in glittery pinks purples and silvers. I lined my eyes with liquid black on top and purple and silver pencil on the bottom. I glued on some silver lashes, my favorite part! I even got them on by myself (I’ve had major difficulty with fake lashes in the past). My lips were a combo of two different shades, and frosted lavender underneath and a bright pink on the top center, flapper style ala Clara Bow.

Ooh, and for the hair! I looked up many howtos and came up with squat. They were all makeup tutorials! As I said, I am all about the hair so this was rather discouraging. Then I found an article from the movie’s hair designer and I got some great tips! Effie’s hair was inspired by different styles of the past intermixed into one Capitol couture style. Finger waves in the front, Afro in the back. Perfect. So I wet set my hair in rags overnight, and finger wave set the front. The trickiest part of a wet set for me with my thick hair is to make sure it is dry when it’s styling time. It’s takes forever to dry! Anyhow, once I took the rags out I separated the curls with my fingers to get the volume fluffy. Very fluffy. I tried to keep the finger waves in the front as in tact as I possibly could as I began pinning my hair in a faux fro. The style came out pretty well, I wish I had gone even bigger and fluffier though. The final step was to tint my hair purple with some of that wonderful Halloween color hairspray. I had do this outside so not to suffocate my baby with these horrible fumes.

End result? Successful Effie look! I went to two parties as Effie, and anyone who had seen the Hunger Games knew who I was. It was a process and a lot of fun transforming myself. My Effie dress now sits in the bottom of my closet. Will I ever be Effie again? I’m not sure but at least I have the dress! I saw in celebration of the Catching Fire DVD release a bunch of people dressed up as Effie’s. There were Effies everywhere!!! I think I would have held up in the crowd.


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