The Road to Effie Part 4: The Reconstruction

Now that the two dresses were totaled and my hair was as light as it was going to get, it was time get to work and piece it back together as the Effie Ensemble I had in mind. I had no intention of going cosplay and making an exact replica of one of her outfits from the films… I do not have the budget, nor the seamstress skills for that! I thought with this lavender number of making something I thought Effie might wear. A combination of these two perhaps:

I sewed and dabbled every now and then in the evening while my little one was in bed, and was able to finish the bodice by combining the corset from my old dress, the top from my sisters, and the lace from a lavender blouse I decided to donate to the Effie cause. At this point I was working two jobs with a newish baby and was getting over some sort of cold. There was a week until Halloween, 4 days before the Halloween party, and all I had was a corset. Yet panic did not set in. My friend and I had a work party to complete our costumes, and she was a great help in making the giant peplum I wanted for the skirt. We cut up half of the petticoat and used it to stuff the skirt. It was still a little too small for my liking so I got some paper dunage from the job I was working at at the time and stuffed it up more with that. The under skirt was a simple pencil skirt made from the Aline skirt of my sister’s dress. I sewed the bubble skirt to the bodice and would just slip on the pencil skirt underneath it all. The final step was to make a giant flower for my hair from the remnants, and ankle ruffles from the ruffles on the 1980s dress.

My baby enjoying the tulle.

My baby enjoying the tulle.

He's "helping"

He’s “helping”

The bubble peplum turned out a little wonky pre-dunnage.

The bubble peplum turned out a little wonky pre-dunnage.

That same day I also had an interview at the place that would become my permanent job. DandelionBreakDesigns: the Artsy Craftsy Third Grade Teacher!!!

Next up, The Road to Effie Part 5: Hair, Makeup, Final Looks


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