The Road to Effie Part 3: Finding the Right Hair Color

The Road to Effie Part 3: Finding the Right Hair Color

Yes, I said the next Road to Effie installment would be the reconstruction of two dresses into one, but I’m still working on that. Today’s post addresses hair color.
Effie’s hair always has a colorful tint to it to match her outfit- which I love, but underneath that tint is a very light blond, almost white.
Of course the easiest thing to do would be to buy an Effie style wig but being on an almost $0 budget I planned on styling my own hair into that fab yet crazy Effie ‘do.
Now I’ve been dying my hair since the eighth grade, almost always a varying shade of blond. I took about a two year break from dying my hair and my natural color turned out to be an ombré that people are vying for now. Go figure. I tried dying my hair back to blond two to three months ago but it didn’t really take. I knew I’d have to use some form of bleach to get it lighter.
Searching on the web I saw many baking soda and peroxide methods and decided to try that out, and it was the cheapest option out there. If I had to describe the baking soda and peroxide method in 1 word it would definitely be MESSY. Baking soda was all over the bathroom. It also seemed to not absorb in my hair because after mixing the two it turned into a sandy gloppy gloopy consistency. Those are technical terms, right? Anyhow after letting it set for awhile, my hair was noticeably lighter!

Ombré and baking soda

But not light enough.

I thought I would do this a couple more times to get the platinum shade I desired.

Then I had an opportunity I thought I could not pass up.
I thought I would do this a couple more times to get the platinum shade I desired.
Then I had opportunity that I thought I couldn’t possibly pass up.
My brother in law’s fiancé was going to a beauty school at the time and I volunteered myself up for a free coloring! Yay! What could possibly go wrong. Well… 1) my mother in law got there first so 2) my brother in law’s fiancé was already busy with her. 3) I got another soon to be hair dresser that was not at all friendly. When I told her I wanted a really bright platinum blonde, she came out with three choices nowhere near what I had described, and stupidly I picked the “blondest” one instead of just backing out of it. 4) It took (in the style of Squints from the Sandlot) FOR-EV-ER. Ugh.
The end result? My hair was no longer blond. (Insert sad face here) Out of desperation then I went to Ulta and purchased 2 boxes of Absolute Platinum dye by Feria for 20 some bucks. And my hair came out yellow, not platinum. Moral of the story? Shoulda bought a cheap wig. Oh well!

Hair color changes


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