The Road to Effie- Part 2, The Deconstruction

The 2 prom dresses I will be turning into my Effie Trinket costume have been officially demolished. I was super excited as I started, pulling apart my sister’s dress stitch by stitch, but later in the evening as I continued, I got a little bummed out. I had to measure myself, which I haven’t done since I had my son, and my measurements weren’t pleasing. I was hoping to be one of those lucky ladies that loses all of their baby fat after having their child, but sadly for me its piling back on. Then I began to moderately freak out that the two dresses put together still may not fit me. But they will.
I also started to get overwhelmed by all the destruction. I am at the point where I have to begin putting pieces together before I take anymore apart. So we’ll see. Keep moving forward.
One plus- measuring myself has given me the motivation to start that diet I meant to start 3 months ago. Low carb seriousness starting…. NOW

Next up: the reconstructionImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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