Halloween Time

Halloween has to be my favorite holiday because I get to dress up. I never outgrew playing dress up, and although I love that warm fuzzy feeling I get at Christmas, it simply can’t top experimenting with crazy hairdos, makeup and honing sewing skills that would otherwise not be practiced. And if course, making a costume is the ultimate creative expression. I am very excited this year because my costume is going to take A LOT of creativity for hair makeup and dress. And it is going to be on an extreme budget. EXTEME.

Anyhow, I decided to be Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games Series. My friends throw a Halloween party every year and the last few have been themed. This year it is sci fi. I didn’t want to go normal with it, and oh my I certainly didn’t want to be a slutty sci fi character! I love post apocalyptic films and realized how fun it would be to be a person Capitol (in style and dress, not Capitol demeanor of course), and who better to be than Effie with that big floofy hair, giant sleeves, pencil skirts, and outlandish booties? So awesome!

At first I thought I’d find an outfit to piece together at a thrift store and buy a wig at Target or something. Going over my budget for october made me realize I couldn’t even afford the thrift store. 😦 But it’s ok! I am going to make an amazing Effie costume and spend only $3 on colored hairspray! Wait and see!

The plan? Bleach my hair with hydrogen peroxide I already have and style it with micro rag wet set, use make up I already have (I have a ton of colors that I rarely use), and take two dresses in my possession, one my sisters from the eighties, the other a late 90s corset ball gown, and put them together to make an Effie trinket look. I’ll keep you posted with my progress!


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