Going to Tea!

I had the lovely opportunity to make two more TEA PARTY headbands! I haven’t made any for the tea party collection in quite some time and I’ve been really wanting to lately when my friend, probably knowing of my tea party obsession, invited me to tea for this coming Saturday. Yay!!! Of course I couldn’t use the ones I already have on hand! I have already made the one for my friend, a gorgeous pink and white number with luscious burnt edged flowers, light pink French veiling and a light pink feather pad. It is my favorite one to date. I’m calling it the Princess Tea Party headband. And then there is the one for me… It is in process and I am so excited to see how it will turn out! I’m planning on wearing a white dress so finally found the opportunity to use this fabulous white French veiling with confetti style pipe cleaners attached. That sounds awful, but take a look at the pictures, I assure you it’s fab. They are more like colorful polka dots, and again can I just say Fabulous? So far I have the veil attached with 3 rosettes and feathers facing opposite directions that all match the confetti colors on the veiling. When I make any accessory I usually stick to a monochrome palate, or just a 2 color combo, but this guy is a whole mess of color! I hope it turns out. I will be finishing mine up today, then after my one time use will probably put it up on etsy to sell. Enjoy the pictures of my process and the finished products at the tea party!


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