The Tea Party Collection

Part of the Tea Party Collection

Part of the Tea Party Collection

Light Pink and Lavender Fascinator- Tea Party Collection check out the newest on my Facebook Gallery.

Funfetti Headband of the tea party collection

Funfetti Headband of the tea party collection

I would say my second design/fashion obsession (the first being all things 1920s- see my Prohibition Bands: is tea party style. The funny thing is I don’t remember ever playing tea party when I was little, but now I just want to live in a tea party all the time! Sometimes traditionally British, sometimes Mad Hatter style but always sipping tea and chomping down on, oops I mean nibbling on, scones and petit fours. There is a lovely tea house nearby ( ) that I go to every now and then that serves a high tea with all the fixings in an over 100 year old building that used to be a hotel. It’s pretty charming. Anyhow in the back they have an old claw foot tub filled with vintage hats that guests can choose to wear during tea time. Once I started making hair accessories I knew I had to make dramatic ones for tea parties! The first two I made were for my mom and me when I took her to tea for Mother’s Day. I made one to match her outfit and one to match mine. ’twas born the Tea Party Collection! I am going to tea with a friend come September, so I will be making two more in the near future. So please take a look at this gallery and if you like anything you see I can’t recreate pieces exactly but can make approximate reproductions. There are also still a few in stock. Please contact me if interested!


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