Prohibition Bands

The 1920s have always been my favorite time in fashion, although my body is much better suited for the silhouettes of the fifties. Anyhow when I began making hair accessories, prohibition/flapper era headbands soon followed. Many of my hair baubles fall into different categories that I call lines, or collections. Prohibition Bands are my ode to the Roaring Twenties fabulousness and one of my favorite collections that I create. They vary from simple to opulent, and they are definitely a crowd pleaser! Most of my prohibition bands have sold! I’ve also made two custom orders. They are so much fun! I started this line by doing some research. I searched the web for twenties headwear because I really wanted to get my ideas from authentic looks. And of course I also rewatched some of my favorite films that took place in the era. (Singing in the Rain anyone?)as well as some silent films from that time. Several sketches later, I began to make some headbands. One of the first being The Club 29, for my 29th speakeasy themed birthday party. I have been itching to make more, and with Halloween just around the corner, I need to get crackin! Enjoy the Prohibition Bands…


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